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2017: VOLUME 21 JULY 2017 Insitu Photosynthesis and Stabilization of Copper Nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Rabia Nazar
2012: Volume 10 JAN 2012 Investigating the Effects of Maximum Size of Aggregate on Rutting Potential of Stone Mastic Asphalt Abstract   PDF
Imran Hafeez, Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal, Muhammad Waseem Mirza, Ayaz Aziz
2011: Volume 9 JULY 2011 Investigations on Laser Induced Nickel and Titanium Plasmas Abstract   PDF
M. Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, A. Latif, K. A. Bhatti, M. S. Rafique, M. K. Yousaf
2008: Volume 2 Jan 2008 IR and Visible Radiation from Laser Induced Silver Plasma Abstract   PDF
M. Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, M. S. Rafique, A. Latif, K. A. Bhatti, F. Hussain
2016: Volume 19 JULY 2016 Jute Fiber Reinforced Compressed Earth Bricks (FR-CEB) – A Sustainable Solution Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Azhar Saleem, Safeer Abbas, Mujtaba Haider
2009: Volume 5 JULY 2009 Kinetic Coefficients for the Biological Treatment of Tannery Wastewater Using Activated Sludge Process Abstract   PDF
S. Haydar, J. A. Aziz
2018: VOLUME 22 JAN 2018 Laboratory Modelling and Assessment of Internal Instability Potential of Subballast Filter under Cyclic Loading Abstract   PDF
Jahanzaib Israr, Jehangir Israr
2016: Volume 19 JULY 2016 Language Independent Keyword Based Information Retrieval System of Handwritten Documents using SVM Classifier and Converting Words into Shapes Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Rashid Hussain, Asif Masood, Haris Ahmad Khan, Khurram Khurshid, Imran Siddiqi
2007: Volume 1 July 2007 Large-Scale Plane Strain Compression Tests on Compacted Gravel Abstract   PDF
Sajjad Maqbool, Junichi Koseki
2018: VOLUME 23 JULY 2018 Long Term Thermo-mechanical Prediction of Banana Stem Particulate Reinforced PVC Composite as Piping Material Abstract   PDF
Dan-asabe Bashar
2008: Volume 2 Jan 2008 Low Cost Earthquake Resistant Ferrocement Small House Abstract   PDF
M. A. Saleem, M. Ashraf
VOLUME 26 JANUARY 2020 Manifestations of Social Realism Across Diverse Forms of Pakistani Art Abstract   PDF
Munazzah Akhtar, Sarah Javed Shah, Rabia Ahmed Qureshi
2009: Volume 5 JULY 2009 Masonry Confinement Using Steel Strips Abstract   PDF
M. Ilyas, S. H. Farooq, A. U. Qazi, R. Umair
2017: VOLUME 21 JULY 2017 Maximum Relevance Maximum Anti-Redundancy (mRmA) Feature Selection Abstract   PDF
Abdul Mannan, Kashif Javed, Serosh Karim Noon
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Mechanical Characterization of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Abstract   PDF
M. Rizwan Riaz, Rashid Hameed, Muhammad Ilya, Affifa Akram, Zahid A. Siddiqi
2007: Volume 1 July 2007 Metallurgical Analysis of High Pressure Gas Pipelines Rupture Abstract   PDF
F. Hasan, F. Ahmed
2011: Volume 8 JAN 2011 Methodology for Geomorphic Assessment of Alluvial Channels in Oil Sands Region - A Case Study Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Ashiq, Saqib Ehsan
2008: Volume 2 Jan 2008 Mixture Proportioning of Fly Ash-Concretes Based on Mortar Strength and Flow Data Abstract   PDF
A. Nusrat, M. A. Tahir
2019: VOLUME 25 JULY 2019 Modal Analysis of Micro-Electromechanical Systems Abstract   PDF
Tauseef Aized, Sania Azam, Ghulam Moeen Uddin, Muhammad Ali Azam
2019: VOLUME 24 JAN 2019 Modeling and Analysis of the Dynamic Performance of a Gird Connected Micro Hydro Power Plant Deploying Synchronous Generator Abstract   PDF
Waqas Ali, Haroon Farooq
2014: Volume 15 JULY 2014 Modelling of Swelling Parameters and Associated Characteristics Based on Index Properties of Expansive Soils Abstract   PDF
J. Israr, K. Farooq, H. H. Mujtaba
2016: Volume 18 JAN 2016 Mollisols Soils Stabilization Using Lime Modified by Salts Abstract   PDF
A. H. Khan, A. Yousaf
2017: VOLUME 21 JULY 2017 Morphological Study of PDLC Films with Refractive Index Using Catalyst Abstract   PDF
Mujtaba Ellahi, Muhammad Nawaz, M. Yasir Rafique
2019: VOLUME 25 JULY 2019 Multi-Font and Multi-Size Printed Sindhi Character Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks Abstract   PDF
Asghar Ali Chandio, Mehwish Leghari, Mehjabeen Leghari, Akhtar Hussain Jalbani
2013: Volume 13 JULY 2013 New Inequalities of Hadamard-type via -Convexity Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Iqbal, M. Iqbal Bhatti, S. Hussain
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