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2017: Volume 20 JAN 2017 Compact Finite Difference Schematic Approach For Linear Second Order Boundary Value Problems Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Irfan Qadir, M. O. Ahmad
2019: VOLUME 25 JULY 2019 Comparative Study for Melt Flow Index of High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene and Linear Low Density Polyethylene Abstract   PDF
Raza Muhammad Khan, Asim Mushtaq, Amina Israr, Asra Nafees
VOLUME 26 JANUARY 2020 Comparing MERRA and MERRA-2 Reanalysis Datasets with Mast Measured Wind Data for Karachi, Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Asim, Amjad Hussain, Ghulam Moeen uddin, Nasir Hayat, Faisal Iqbal Qureshi
2014: Volume 14 Jan 2014 Comparison of Different Bracing Systems for Tall Buildings Abstract   PDF
Z.A. Siddiqi, Rashid Hameed, Usman Akmal
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Comparison of Maximum Allowable Pump Speed in a Horizontal and Vertical Pipe of Equal Geometry at Constant Power Abstract   PDF
D. Bashar, A. Usman, M. K. Aliyu, D. S. Yawas
2017: Volume 20 JAN 2017 Comparison of Ultimate Pile Capacity Based on Theoretical and Pile Load Test Methods Abstract   PDF
M. Arham, Khalid Farooq, Hassan Mujtaba
2011: Volume 8 JAN 2011 Conservation of Historic Monuments in Lahore: Lessons from Successes and Failures Abstract   PDF
Abdul Rehman
2012: Volume 11 JULY 2012 Control of Combustion Generated Emissions from Spark Ignition Engines: A Review Abstract   PDF
M. Mansha, Ejaz M. Shahid, A.H. Qureshi
2016: Volume 19 JULY 2016 Control of Under Actuated System with Input Constraints Abstract   PDF
Atif Ali, Muwahida Liaquat, Mohammad Bilal Malik
2007: Volume 1 July 2007 Correlation between Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Point Load Index for Salt-Range Rocks Abstract   PDF
M. Akram, M. Z. A. Bakar
2016: Volume 19 JULY 2016 Correlations of Pressuremeter Data with SPT, CPT and Laboratory Tests Data Abstract   PDF
Z. Rehman, A. Akbar, A. H. Khan, B. G. Clarke
2012: Volume 10 JAN 2012 Cost Comparison of Inverted Tee Girder with I-Girder: A Case Study of Shalimar Flyover Abstract   PDF
Asif Hameed, Umer Farooq, Asad-ullah Qazi, Burhan Sharif
2011: Volume 9 JULY 2011 Cracking Failure in GAS-Turbine Blades Abstract   PDF
Liaqat Ali, Khalid M Ghauri, Faizul Hasan
2018: VOLUME 22 JAN 2018 Cycle Discrepancy of Cubic Toeplitz Graphs Abstract   PDF
Laeeq Aslam, Shahzad Sarwar, Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf, Syed Waqar jaffry
2016: Volume 18 JAN 2016 Cycle Discrepancy of d-Colorable Graphs Abstract   PDF
Laeeq Aslam, Shahzad Sarwar, Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf, Waqar ul Qounain
2019: VOLUME 25 JULY 2019 Deep Beauty in Architecture: Comparative Analysis of the Traditional-Courtyard and the Contemporary Residences of Lahore Abstract   PDF
Rabia Ahmed Qureshi, Munazzah Akhtar, Sarah Javed Shah
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Dehydration of Isopropanol and Ethanol by Pervaporation Technique Abstract   PDF
JR Khan, Shah Muhammad, Waseem Ahmed
2008: Volume 2 Jan 2008 Deposition of Zinc Oxide Thin Film on Calcite(CaCO3) Substrate via PLD at Room Temperature Abstract   PDF
M. Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, A. Sattar, M. S. Rafique, A. Usman
VOLUME 26 JANUARY 2020 Design Pedagogy through Biomorphic research A digital approach to design methodology in undergraduate architecture studios Abstract   PDF
Quratulain Asghar, Fatima Javeed, Syed Muhammad Zille Ali Naqvi
2011: Volume 8 JAN 2011 Development of Economical Polymer-modified Concrete for Repair of Concrete Structures in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Farhan Arooj, Sajjad Haydar, Kafeel Ahmad
2017: VOLUME 21 JULY 2017 Development of Lighter and Eco-Friendly Burnt Clay Bricks Incorporating Sugarcane Bagasse Ash Abstract   PDF
Minhaj Saleem Kazmi, Muhammad Junaid Munir, Safeer Abbas, Muhammad Azhar Saleem, Anwar Khitab, Muhammad Rizwan
2015: Volume 17 JULY 2015 Development of Local Bagasse Ash as Pozzolanic Material for Use in Concrete Abstract   PDF
Burhan Sharif, Rafia Firdous, Muhammad Akram Tahir
2008: Volume 3 July 2008 Development of Microstructure in Silicon-Aluminum-Bronze Abstract   PDF
J. Iqbal, F. Ahmed, F. Hasan
2010: Volume 6 JAN 2010 Development of Shear Capacity Equations for Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Beams Abstract   PDF
Abdul Ghafar, Afzal Javed, Habib ur Rehman, Kafeel Ahmed, M Ilyas
2012: Volume 10 JAN 2012 Diurnal Variations in Wastewater Characteristics at Main Outfall in Lahore Abstract   PDF
Husnain Haider, Waris Ali
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