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2019: VOLUME 25 JULY 2019 Architectural Realization of Divergent Evolution: Phenomena of Phenotypic Variations Abstract   PDF
Quratulain Asghar, Syed Muhammad Zille Ali Naqvi
2010: Volume 7 JULY 2010 Assessing Suitability of Margalla Crush for Ultra High Strength Concrete Abstract   PDF
A Ghaffar, Z. A. Siddiqi, K Ahmed
2014: Volume 15 JULY 2014 Assessment of Climate Change at Spatiao-Temporal Scales and its Impact on Stream Flows in Mangla Watershed Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Yaseen, Ghulam Nabi, Habib -ur- Rehman, Muhammad Latif
2018: VOLUME 23 JULY 2018 Assessment of GPM based Integrated Multi-satellite Retrievals (IMERG) Under Diverse Climatic Conditions in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Masood, Abdul Sattar Shakir, Habib Ur Rehman
2017: VOLUME 21 JULY 2017 Assessment of On-Grid Hybrid Renewable Power Generation Potential at Khanpur Dam in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Qayyum Kamal Afzal, Shabbir Majeed Chaudhry
2019: VOLUME 24 JAN 2019 Assessment of Sustainable Groundwater Extraction rate for Quetta city using MODFLOW Abstract   PDF
Abdul Ghani, Zulfiqar Ali Chaudary, Habib Rehman, Aftab Hussain Azhar, Muhammad Masood
2009: Volume 4 JAN 2009 Assessment of Various Parameters of Low Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Components Abstract   PDF
M. N. Akhtar, A. H. Qureshi, A. H. Qureshi, R. Ahmad
VOLUME 26 JANUARY 2020 Automatic Mosquito Surveillance and Visualisation using Acoustic Signals Abstract   PDF
Ayesha Hakim
2011: Volume 8 JAN 2011 Beam Pattern Evolution of an Adaptive Transmit Beamspace Beamformer Abstract   PDF
S. S. Irfan Hussain, M. Imran Shiekh
2013: Volume 12 JAN 2013 Behavior of Granular Soils under Dry and Saturated Conditions in Cyclic Torsional Shear Tests Abstract   PDF
M. Aziz, A. H. Khan, M. A. Saleem, I. Towhata
2014: Volume 15 JULY 2014 Behaviour of Normal Concrete Us ing Superplasticizer under Different Curing Regimes Abstract   PDF
S N R Shah, Muhammad Aslam, S A Shah, Raja Oad
2011: Volume 9 JULY 2011 Behaviour of Reinforced Fibrous Concrete Beams under Reversed Cyclic Loading Abstract   PDF
R. Hameed, Z. A. Siddiqi, F. Duprat, A. Turatsinze, A. Sellier
2007: Volume 1 July 2007 Biological Treatment of Tannery Wastewater Using Activated Sludge Process Abstract   PDF
S. Haydar, J. A. Aziz, M. S. Ahmad
2008: Volume 3 July 2008 BOT Contracts: Applicability in Pakistan for Infrastructure development Abstract   PDF
S. Mubin, A. Ghaffar
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Brine Purification for Chlor-Alkalis Production Based on Membrane Technology Abstract   PDF
J R Khan, Shah Muhammad, Nadeem Feroze, Syed Mustsfa Ali Bukhari, Yasir Khurshid, Abdul Wahab Malik
2017: VOLUME 21 JULY 2017 Building Energy Consumption Analysis, Energy Saving Measurements and Verification by Applying HAP Software Abstract   PDF
Tauseef Aized, Sajid Mehmood, Zahid Anwar
2008: Volume 3 July 2008 Building Stone and State of Conservation of the Built Heritage of Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Yusuf Awan
2017: Volume 20 JAN 2017 Capacity Evaluation of Power Transmission Line Towers under Wind Loading: A Case Study Abstract   PDF
A. U. Qazi, Muhammad Sameer Azhar, Safeer Abbas, Asif Hameed
2013: Volume 12 JAN 2013 Channel Forming Discharge in Rivers: A Case Study of Jhelum River in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Mubashir Qureshi, Abdul Sattar Shakir, Eric Lesleighter
2010: Volume 6 JAN 2010 Characterization of an Artificially Prepared Cohesive Soil Bed Abstract   PDF
Z. Rehman, A. Akbar, B. G. Clarke
VOLUME 26 JANUARY 2020 Characterization of Concrete Incorporating Waste Polythene Bags Fibers Abstract   PDF
Fatima Mehvish, Ali Ahmed, Muhammad Mazhar Saleem, Muhammad Azhar Saleem
VOLUME 26 JANUARY 2020 Characterization of Internal Instability Potential of Granular Soils subjected to Uniaxial Static and Cyclic Loading Abstract   PDF
Jahanzaib Israr, Gang Zhang, Jehangir Israr
2011: Volume 9 JULY 2011 Characterization of Visco-Elastic Properties of Locally Available Asphalts in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
M. A. Javid, A. Rahim
2010: Volume 7 JULY 2010 Climate Change Impact on River Flows in Chitral Watershed Abstract   PDF
Abdul Sattar Shakir, Habib -ur- Rehman, Saqib Ehsan
2018: VOLUME 22 JAN 2018 Cloning in Popular Server Side Technologies using Agile Development: An Empirical Study Abstract   PDF
Aisha Khan, Hamid Abdul Basit, Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf
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