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2016: Volume 18 JAN 2016 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Rebound Hammer Testing for Nondestructive Evaluation of Existing Concrete Structure Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Azhar Saleem, Zahid Ahmad Siddiqi, Safeer Abbas, Mubashir Aziz
2016: Volume 18 JAN 2016 Empirical Estimation of Unconfined Compressive Strength and Modulus of Elasticity Using ANN Abstract   PDF
Hasan Gul, Khalid Farooq, Hassan Mujtaba
2015: Volume 17 JULY 2015 Estimation of Snowmelt Contribution for Kalam Catchment Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Umar, Abdul Sattar Shakir, Habib -ur- Rehman
2015: Volume 17 JULY 2015 Appraisal of Geotechnical Characteristics of Soil for Different Zones of Faisalabad (Pakistan) Abstract   PDF
Kamal M. A., Arshad, M.U., Khan, S.A, Zaidi, B.A
2015: Volume 17 JULY 2015 Development of Local Bagasse Ash as Pozzolanic Material for Use in Concrete Abstract   PDF
Burhan Sharif, Rafia Firdous, Muhammad Akram Tahir
2015: Volume 17 JULY 2015 Improving Rock Fragmentation Using Airdeck Blasting Technique Abstract   PDF
S. Saqib, S. M. Tariq, Z. Ali
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Optimal Sizing of Low Head Hydropower Plant- A Case Study of Hydropower Project at Head of UCC (Lower) at Bambanwala Abstract   PDF
M. Mohsin Munir, A. S. Shakir, Noor M. Khan
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Effect of Interstorey Drift Limits on High Ductility in Seismic Design of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Tayyab Naqash
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Evaluation of Alliancing, Partnering and Traditional Contracting in relation to Construction Project Conflicts Abstract   PDF
Faizan Shafique, Nadeem A. Mufti
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Mechanical Characterization of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Abstract   PDF
M. Rizwan Riaz, Rashid Hameed, Muhammad Ilya, Affifa Akram, Zahid A. Siddiqi
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Ranking Analysis of Clear Water Scour Depth Equations at Bridge Piers Abstract   PDF
Vaiza Shiraz, Abdul Sattar Shakir, Noor Muhammad Khan
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure under Column Damage Consideration Abstract   PDF
Usman Ilyas, S H Farooq, I. Shahid, M. Ilyas
2015: Volume 16 JAN 2015 Non Linear Progressive Collapse Analysis of RC Frame Structure Abstract   PDF
A. U. Qazi, A. Hameed, M. Ilyas, A. Majid
2014: Volume 15 JULY 2014 Behaviour of Normal Concrete Us ing Superplasticizer under Different Curing Regimes Abstract   PDF
S N R Shah, Muhammad Aslam, S A Shah, Raja Oad
2014: Volume 15 JULY 2014 Analytical Load Displacement Curves of RC Columns under Constant Axial and Cyclic Lateral Loads Abstract   PDF
M. Rizwan, M. T. A. Chaudhary, M. Ilyas
2014: Volume 15 JULY 2014 Modelling of Swelling Parameters and Associated Characteristics Based on Index Properties of Expansive Soils Abstract   PDF
J. Israr, K. Farooq, H. H. Mujtaba
2014: Volume 15 JULY 2014 Assessment of Climate Change at Spatiao-Temporal Scales and its Impact on Stream Flows in Mangla Watershed Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Yaseen, Ghulam Nabi, Habib -ur- Rehman, Muhammad Latif
2014: Volume 14 Jan 2014 Seismic Performance of Low to Medium Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings using Passive Energy Dissipation Devices Abstract   PDF
Asif Hameed, Asad-ullah Qazi, Ali Murtaza Rasool
2014: Volume 14 Jan 2014 Comparison of Different Bracing Systems for Tall Buildings Abstract   PDF
Z.A. Siddiqi, Rashid Hameed, Usman Akmal
2014: Volume 14 Jan 2014 Experimental Investigation on Compaction Properties of Sandy Soils Abstract   PDF
Hassan Mujtaba, Khalid Farooq, Imtiaz Rashid
2013: Volume 13 JULY 2013 A Study on the Compressive and Tensile Strength of Foamed Concrete Containing Pulverized Bone as a Partial Replacement of Cement Abstract   PDF
Funso Falade, Efe Ikponmwosa, Christopher Fapohunda
2013: Volume 13 JULY 2013 Appraisal of Economic Impact of Zero Tillage, Laser Land Levelling and Bed-Furrow Interventions in Punjab, Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Abid Latif, Abdul Sattar Shakir, Muhammad Usman Rashid
2013: Volume 13 JULY 2013 Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Fibrous Concrete Beams: Experiments and Analytical Modelling Abstract   PDF
Rashid Hameed, Alain Sellier, Anaclet Turatsinze, Frédéric Duprat
2013: Volume 13 JULY 2013 Probability and Sensitivity Analysis of the Slope Stability of Naulong Dam Abstract   PDF
Khan, F. S., Malik, A. A.
2013: Volume 13 JULY 2013 Improved Seismic Response of RC Frame Structures by Using Fluid Viscous Dampers Abstract   PDF
Qasim Shaukat Khan, Asad Ullah Qasi, Muhammad Ilyas
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