Water Conservation Initiatives and Performance Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Facility in a Local Beverage Industry in Lahore

Sajjad Haydar, Ghulam Hussain, Obaidulla Nadeem, Javed Anwar Aziz, A.J. Bari, Muhammad Asif


Study was conducted to evaluate the potential for water conservation in a local carbonated soft drink beverage manufacturing plant. In order to explore water conservation opportunities, water balance was carried out with the help of flow meters. Average daily water consumption was 3,015m3 in the said plant. Results of water balance revealed that of the total water consumed in the plant, 46.8% was converted to beverage; while53.2% was used in bottle rinsing, other plant operations and miscellaneous uses. By employing various measures, water saving of 375 m3 /day (12.5%) was achieved; thus reducing the daily water consumption to 2640m3 .In addition, an annual saving of Rs 0.2 million was achieved in energy bill of tube wells. Performance evaluation of wastewater treatment plant revealed that 51.2% of average water used per day originated as wastewater from different plant sections. The mean values of pH, TSS, BOD and COD of treated wastewater were7.7, 39 mg/L,24 mg/L and 52 mg/L, respectively and in compliance with the enforced NEQS. Average removals of TSS, BOD and COD were found to be 59%, 78% and 92%, respectively. The study suggests various in-plant controls for water conservation which may also be implemented in other beverages plants in Pakistan.

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