Appraisal of Geotechnical Characteristics of Soil for Different Zones of Faisalabad (Pakistan)

Kamal M. A., Arshad, M.U., Khan, S.A, Zaidi, B.A


Appraisal of Geotechnical Characteristics through ground investigation is essential to obtain subsurface information and parameters for foundation design. Technologically advanced countries had already developed geotechnical zoning maps to facilitate geotechnical engineers and geologists for preliminary scheduling, feasibility studies and to design a variety of engineering projects. As rich speckled data is available for sub soils of Faisalabad, the study aimed to develop geotechnical zones of Faisalabad based on SPT statistics and appraisal of bearing capacity for all the proposed zones. The subsurface soils up to 1 meter depth comprised of slightly cohesive fill material/ Clayey Silt overlaying medium dense non-cohesive Silty Sand/Fine Sand that is underlain by dense poorly graded fine Sand to very dense Sand. Faisalabad has been divided into three zones I, II & III based on geotechnical characteristics. Zone-I comprised of areas having SPT values < 4, Zone-II from 5-8 and the bearing capacity was evaluated based on shear failure and settlement criteria for Zone-III the Nvalue ranged from 9-15. For each zone bearing capacity can be assessed by assigning type of footing and its width. This would facilitate the engineers to assess the bearing capacity with confidence, for feasibility studies, preliminary scheduling and designing of variety of engineering projects.

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Copyright (c) 2016 Kamal M. A.

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