Power-Control Strategy of a Current Source Converter for HighPower Induction Melting

Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Asghar Saqib


This paper presents a power control scheme of a current source converter (CSC) which delivers a constant current to the load for induction melting applications. The proposed control scheme with SVPWM pattern regulates the power of a high Q- resonant load by controlling the DC current according to the defined target. The PI controller adjusts the manipulated variable by SVPWM in such a way that the error signal is reduced to a minimum value and a constant current is maintained uninterruptedly for the load. In order to validate this constant current requirement to the load, the output power analysis of the resonant inverter is also carried out in this work. The proposed control scheme is described through simulation in Matlab and the results show its effectiveness in inductionmelting applications.

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