Assessing the Relationship between Down Time and Product Quality in the Plastic Manufacturing Sector



Maximizing production while avoiding downtime has become crucial for industries in the complex industrial landscape of today. In order to satisfy client demands, it is essential to provide high-quality products, which may be done by following efficient maintenance procedures. Examining the link between maintenance practices and product quality in the plastic processing industries is the primary goal of this study. The researchers watched the production unit and reviewed documentary material to learn more about the production procedures, equipment performance, and equipment condition. After that, statistical analysis, including chi-square tests and correlation tests, was used to find the nature of the connection between maintenance and product quality in the plastics business. By contrasting the estimated chi-square value with the crucial table value, the chi-square test's findings revealed that there is indeed a substantial correlation between the maintenance and quality of a product. The correlation analysis also showed a significant association between maintenance procedures and product quality. This study emphasizes the significance of a proper maintenance culture in the plastic processing sector for raising productivity and achieving consumer expectations for high-caliber goods. The results highlight the value of spending money on carefully thought-out maintenance tasks to improve product quality.

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