Optimization of the Need for Support Grader Units for Coal Mining Hauling Road Maintenance Activities



The implementation of production in a mine is supported by the existence of good mine road maintenance, because this activity is an important component in supporting the achievement of production targets. Accidents at the mine, especially on the mine road, which are experienced by most of the company's production units, serve as a guide that the mining support unit has an important role in addition to supporting the achievement of production targets, namely in terms of safety. The purpose of this study was to ensure that the number and specifications of grader units already in the mine meet the road maintenance needs of the mine roads. The research method used is off-site and on-site analysis. Off-site analysis was used by analyzing the Physical Availability of the Grader unit against production achievements, while on-site analysis was used by surveying and observing the activity of the Grader unit at the mine. The lack of a grader unit causes the road maintenance needs of mining roads to be not fulfilled, which can lead to a lot of road damage which can also accelerate equipment breakdown so that it has an impact on increasing company costs. It is therefore, necessary to study the need for a grader unit on the mine road in the production area.






Mining Engineering