Effect of Barrier Angle on Tree Growth in Solid Insulation

A. Rashid, Mohammad Ali, S. A. Qureshi


In this research work the effect of barrier angle on tree resistance has been revealed in clear polyester resin. The work to be described studies the possible effect with angular displacement might have the progress of trees in the presence of barrier. The barriers were cast at 00 , 450 and 900 with respect to axis of symmetry of the field. The barrier selected for this study were glass and Melinex and PTFE castled in clear polyester resin C. The resin C was selected due to its transparent properties so optical observation and photographic record is possible. The selection of the materials was based on their work of adhesion. These materials were employed in a clear polyester resin thus making a barrier. The specimens, whatever the type (angle0 0 , 450 and 900 ) were tested in batches of 20 to establish their life time. This was measured in term of number of cycle to breakdown. Hypodermic needle was used as H.V electrode and 28kV A.C was the test voltage. The separation between electrodes is 2mm. The result shows that barriers offer higher resistance when disposed at 900 with respect to field

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