Key Challenges of Requirement Change Management in the context of Global Software Development: Systematic literature review


  • Maryam Kausar Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus, Pakistan
  • Anas Wali Muhammad Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus, Pakistan
  • Rabia Jabbar Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Ishtiaq Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus, Pakistan


Software organizations worldwide are rapidly adopting the event of Global Software Development (GSD) to achieve noteworthy benefits in terms of quality and cost. However, there are many challenges faced by the GSD organizations that directly impact the Requirement Change Management (RCM) activities. The core goal of this study is to find the challenges of RCM in the context of GSD. Systematic literature review approach is used to inspect the challenges of RCM events and in total, 12 challenges have been found. Target of this study is to provide strong understanding of RCM practices, so that organizations can address these issues in an appropriate manner. The identified challenges having frequency higher than 50% are being evaluated. Findings of this study will be useful to address RCM challenges that organizations face in administrating project in GSD environment.


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