Characterization of an Artificially Prepared Cohesive Soil Bed

Z. Rehman, A. Akbar, B. G. Clarke


A new pressuremeter has been developed at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore-Pakistan with some modifications / improvements in the Newcastle full displacement pressuremeter (NFDPM), developed by Akbar in 2001. The device is now called Akbar Pressuremeter (APMT). Tests in soils can be performed using the APMT by full displacement as well as pre-bored techniques. This paper describes the results of characterization of an artificially prepared cohesive soil bed comprising low plastic lean clay (CL) to sandy silty clay (CL-ML) using the APMT. This testing was carried out by pre-bored technique. For this purpose initially borehole produced up to the desired test level using auger and then device was inserted into the borehole to conduct the test. The pressuremeter (PMT) testing was carried out at two locations at 1.0 m intervals to 5.0 m depth. Undisturbed soil samples (UDS) were taken from nearby locations at the level of each APMT test using Shelby tubes. These samples were subjected to various conventional laboratory tests to correlate with the APMT test results. The standard penetration tests (SPTs) were also carried out in the near vicinity at the level of each APMT in order to correlate PMT data with the SPT data. Undrained shear strength of each UDS was determined by performing unconfined compression test. The PMT parameters viz. soil strength and stiffness, determined from the corrected pressure-cavity strain curves of each APMT test and those from laboratory methods, have been compared and correlations have been drawn. The findings of this study are that the APMT can be used to characterize a cohesive soil bed.

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