Physical Model Studies of Energy Dissipation Systems to Rehabilitate Jinnah Barrage

Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry


A subsidiary weir was proposed by feasibility consultants to rehabilitate and modernize Jinnah Barrage. This weir is to be constructed across the river, at a distance of about 800 ft, downstream of the barrage. Subsidiary weir location and crest level was finally fixed on the basis of a detailed physical model study. This model study was carried by Irrigation Research Institute (IRI) at their Lahore laboratory under the technical guidance of “Feasibility Consultants”. The “Detailed Design Consultants” while finalizing rehabilitation structure (either subsidiary weir or its alternative) requested IRI for another model study, which was carried out at Nandipur Research Station. It seems that the two model studies were under taken for the same project, having almost similar objectives. This paper critically reviews the judiciousness of two model studies carried out for the same project. Furthermore, the experimental results of various rehabilitation alternatives are also discussed in terms of their reliability and effectiveness.

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