Hydraulics of Jinnah Barrage; Existing Structure and Rehabilitation Alternatives

Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry


Jinnah barrage has passed more than seventy years of its useful life and is facing some structural and hydraulic problems. Irrigation & Power Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan engaged Evaluation Consultants (EC) in the Year 1998 to review physical health of the Jinnah barrage. Evaluation consultants noted that the energy dissipation problems persist downstream of the barrage. Feasibility study on “Rehabilitation and Modernization of Jinnah Barrage” completed in Year 2005, proposed subsidiary weir with crest at EL676, to be constructed across the river, at a distance of about 800 ft, downstream of the barrage to address energy dissipation problems. The crest level of proposed subsidiary weir (EL676) is lower by 2 ft and higher by 1 ft as compared with crest level of weir and undersluices sections of the barrage, respectively. The proposed structure if constructed, adversely affect the hydraulic performance of the barrage. A detailed surface flow analysis was carried out using computer software HEC-RAS for the existing structure, the proposed subsidiary weir and its alternatives, to optimize rehabilitation works. This paper discusses the calibration of HEC-RAS model, the surface flow hydraulics of subsidiary weir and its alternatives.

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