Evaluation by Implementation of Distribution System Planning for Energy Loss Reduction

S. A. Qureshi, F. Mahmood


In recent years the nature of load has changed drastically and different electrical machinery i.e. mercury lamps, transformers, motors, switchgears are running inherently at low power factor. This means that power supply authorities have to generate much more current that is theoretically required. This high current level in our system needs to be reduced and efforts should be made to make the system more energy handling with minimum cost involved. This includes different techniques such as improving power factor, changing conductor size, substituting cables with conductors etc. The main objective of this research is to develop methodology and guide lines for distribution engineers to show that by reducing the energy losses of distribution system, available capacity of the system may be conserved without putting up additional capacity. A generalized computer program is used to evaluate any given HT/LT system and propose capacitor banks at different points, different conductor sizes in different portions of system. This results in improving the stability as well as energy handling capacity of the system at minimum cost.

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