Effect of Biodiesel on the Performance and Combustion Parameters of a Turbocharged Compression Ignition Engine

GE Yun-shan, A. N. Shah, He Chao, A. H. Baluch


Direct injection compression ignition engines have proved to be the best option in heavy duty applications like transportation and power generation, but rapid depleting sources of conventional fossil fuels, their rising prices and ever increasing environmental issues are the major concerns. Alternate fuels, particularly biofuels are receiving increasing attention during the last few years. Biodiesel has already been commercialized in the transport sector. In the present work, a turbocharged, intercooled, DI diesel engine has been alternatively fuelled with biodiesel and its 20% blend with commercial diesel. The experimental results show that BSFC, maximum combustion pressure and start of injection angle increase; on the other hand BSEC, maximum rate of pressure rise, ignition lag and premixed combustion amount decrease; however HRR duration remains almost unaffected in the case of biodiesel as compared to commercial diesel.

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