IR and Visible Radiation from Laser Induced Silver Plasma

M. Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, M. S. Rafique, A. Latif, K. A. Bhatti, F. Hussain


Plasma is a rich source of electromagnetic radiations like Infra Red (IR), Visible, Ultra Violet (UV) & X-rays. Emission of visible; green and violet and IR radiation are investigated from the Silver plasma produced by Nd:YAG laser (1064nm, 10mJ, 12ns). Green and violet radiation were detected using a photocell with combinations of color filters having peak responses at 546.1 nm (Green) and 435.8 nm(Violet), respectively. The IR radiation was detected by PIN photodiode (peak response at850 nm). The output voltage signals were displayed on a 500 MHz digital storage oscilloscope (DL-1740 YOKOGAWA). The results reveal that IR emission regime was dominant over visible regime (green and violet). As for as the visible spectrum itself is concerned, green regime was found more intense than violet. The emission spectrum is a promising tool for the spectroscopic studies of the material.

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