Experimental Validation of State Estimation of Non-Linear Twin Rotor System using Extended Kalman Filter


  • Shafiq Haider UET Taxila
  • Sadaqat Ali
  • Akhtar Rasool
  • Aamina Bintul Huda


In this paper, theoretical and experimental validation of state estimation capability of Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) is done on MIMO twin rotor system. Different immeasurable states are estimated. For theoretical validation, states with different behaviors (e.g. random, exponential, sinusoidal and abruptly changed) are generated and outputs are calculated. These outputs are invoked in EKF algorithm that provides an estimate of above generated states. Comparison between self-generated and estimated states is made. In practical, information of immeasurable process states is needed. Therefore experimental readings of inputs and outputs of the system are inserted in the EKF algorithm that provides the close estimate of desired immeasurable states. This experimental validation is carried out for open loop and closed loop twin rotor system data. The results show that EKF estimates are precise and fast convergent to the actual twin rotor states.

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Electrical Engineering