Environmental Impacts of Small Dams on Agriculture and Ground Water Development: A Case Study of Khanpur Dam, Pakistan

Naeem Ejaz, Usman Ali Naeem, Muhammad Ali Shahmim, Ayub Elahi, N. M. Khan


The water scarcity issues are increasing through out the world. Pakistan is also facing water crises and its water demands are increasing every day. During this research it is investigated that small dams are playing an important role for the sustainability of groundwater and agriculture. The main objective of this study was to assess the environmental impacts of small dam on agricultural and ground water. Proper planning and management of small dams may improve the sustainable agriculture in Pakistan. It is also concluded that small dams are significantly contributing towards economy, environment, local climate, recreational activities and crop production. Small dams can also be utilized for the production of electricity at local level. On the other hand, water management issues can be resolved by the involvement of local farmer’s associations. Water losses through seepage, unlined channels and old irrigational methods are most critical in developing world. Considering the overall positive environmental impacts, construction of small dams must be promoted.

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