A Mitigation Approach to Counter Initial Ranging Based DoS Attacks on IEEE 802.16-2009

Yasir Saleem, Khadim H. Asif, Touqir Ahmad, Sheraz Naseer, Khawar Bashir, Muhammad Younus Javed, Ayesha Altaf


In recent years increase in wireless accessed devices does not prerequisite any evidence. Security is the main concern for the researchers in 802.16e now-a-days. The layer structures defines that the security sub-layer resides over the physical layer and provides security on the link layer.This paper discusses the security threats present and still unsolved at the initial network entry stage. A mitigation approach to counter Initial Ranging Based DoS attacks on IEEE 802.16-2009 are particularized in this paper. Furthermore the existing solutions of initial ranging vulnerability are analyzed and their limitations are discussed. Proposed solution was checked against these limitations to ensure their absence. Moreover the solution was implemented in OMNET++ and results were analyzed to ensure the practicality and efficiency.

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