Biogas Processing by Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Solid Waste

Ahmed Ullah, Asim Mushtaq, Zaeem Uddin Ali, Rizwan Ahmed Qamar


The demand for fossil fuel increases the development of renewable energy, but due to high prices, people are shifting their attention from non-renewable sources to renewable sources to fulfill their energy demands. This research is based on the conversion of biomass into biogas to fulfill the energy demand most cheaply and effectively. Organic solid waste (OSW) had analyzed when the balloon was burst, it was due to the acidification of acids present in the OSW and resulting in the production of a large amount of carbon dioxide. Other experiments show the production of carbon dioxide by the expansion of the balloon, due to the first stage of the process that is hydrolysis. Later anomalous behavior has been observed, as balloons were sucked into the bottles. Hence creating an anaerobic condition in the bottle, during this stage batches were sometimes kept in the sun to raise the temperature of the culture.

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