A Distributed Secure Framework for Sharing Patient’s Data among IoMT Devices

Muhammad Asad Bilal, Muhammad Awais Hassan


Encouraging prospective of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) used different wearable devices and sensors for more quality patient care. It provides more flexibility for monitoring patient’s record remotely as compare to the traditional healthcare system. However, there are some data security and privacy challenges due to the absence of proper security mechanism in low power computing devices. The currently available security techniques such as watermarking and high-level encryption techniques, to protect patients’ record are not sufficient for low-level IoMT devices. It is also observed that 70% of IoT devices have to face security issues due to the unencrypted network services in a centralized system. This paper proposed a secure distributed system, which provides device level encryption and shares patient’s data between different IoMT devices and healthcare providers without the need of the centralized server. The proposed system applies different device level encryption techniques to provide encrypted network services. An Attribute based Elliptic curve cryptographic (ABECC) encryption technique proposed as an additional security layer for lightweight and low power computing devices. The results show that the average response time has been significantly improved using the proposed distributed system as compare to the previous centralized system. In the future, the proposed system could enhance in a way to provide encrypted data transmission also for graphical data like ECG and other medical images.

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