Evaluation of Rutting in HMA Mixtures Using Uniaxial Repeated Creep & Wheel Tracker Tests

Imran Hafeez, Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal, Muhammad Waseem Mirza


Permanent deformation of asphaltic concrete depends on temperature, rate of loading and state of stress and significantly increases above 40 oC. The deformation behavior of finer to coarser hot-mix asphalt (HMA) mixtures was investigated in the laboratory by varying stress level from 100 to 500 kPa at 40 oC & 55 oC. Uniaxial repeated creep and wheel tracker tests were carried out at the specified conditions and the results were correlated to seek relationships between test methods. Subsequently, shift factors and a correlation between the test methods are proposed to guide pavement engineers in the selection of rut resistant mixtures in future. The results show that intercept coefficients vary in a narrow range and an average shift of 0.48 makes both the tests data on a straight line. Uniaxial repeated load strain test do not show a clear ranking of the mixtures at the specified temperatures and the stress conditions. The slope of linear relationship between the tests reduces with an increase in temperature and stress level.

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Copyright (c) 2016 Imran Hafeez, Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal, Muhammad Waseem Mirza

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