An HLA Based Real Time Simulation Engine for Man-in-Loop Net Centric System

Asad Waqar Malik, Shoab A Khan, S. Rauf ul Hassan


This paper presents a novel HLA based framework, designed to provide interfacing with real time man-in-loop simulation. There is no such framework exists that incorporates real time interaction from external devices. This framework acts as container for federates and responsible for federate management by creating new federates at run time based on real time data input. It is designed and implemented using a modular approach to minimize the delay generated due to run time federate management. In this paper we discuss the issues in implementing real time framework, particularly the time advancement strategy in distributed simulations. This novel framework can be used as a gaming engine for distributed simulations. It is suitable for simulation war fields, missile systems. In our extensive research we haven’t come across any simulation engine that provides interface with man-in-a-loop simulations. Although there are some HLA based framework exists that used to simulate battle fields, missile systems, etc. but our proposed simulation engine deals with man-in-a-loop simulation. Its unique architecture, features e.g. real time federate management, time advancement strategy and real time interfacing with simulation engine and individual federates are the unique characteristics of Real Time Simulation Generator Engine (RTSGE) . Experimental section demonstrates the effectiveness of proposed simulation engine for diverse type of scenarios including man-in-a-loop simulations.

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