Cost Comparison of Inverted Tee Girder with I-Girder: A Case Study of Shalimar Flyover

Asif Hameed, Umer Farooq, Asad-ullah Qazi, Burhan Sharif


A study is conducted to compare cost, construction time frame and safety of the inverted-T Girder design concept used in the design of Shalimar Flyover with conventional I-girder. First, the superstructures with NHA (National Highway Authority) ‘Type H’ I-girder at five different centre to centre spacing are designed and the one at 2.75m is found to be the most economical for the span used at Shalimar Flyover. Secondly the economical I-girder superstructure is compared with the InvertedT girder superstructure used at Shalimar Flyover at 1m centre to centre spacing and it is observed that the inverted-T girder at 1m c/c spacing is 22.64 % more expensive than the I-girder super structure at 2.75m c/c spacing. However, the Inverted-T girder super structure is lesser in depth and requires lesser number of spans for the same reach than the I-girders. This reduces land acquisition cost which in turn affects the total cost of the project. The Inverted-T girders are also checked at different spacing and it is found that the same girder section at 1.3m centre to centre spacing is 9.06 % economical than the adopted 1m c/c spacing of the girders at Shalimar Flyover.

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