Nondestructive Evaluation of an Existing Concrete Structure using Load Test and Core Test


  • Azhar Saleem
  • M. Aziz
  • Z. A. Siddiqi
  • M. A. Javed


This research work is focused on nondestructive evaluation of a five storied concrete frame structure of which construction was halted seven years ago. Before further construction could be started again it was imperative to assess the existing condition. For this purpose, load tests and core tests were performed on four floors from basement to first floor. It took more than one year to finish the experimental work. Test results showed that the structure has adequate strength for future use although it was unprotected against severe environmental conditions for several years. Study further confirms the findings of previous researchers that a combination of tests, instead of performing just one type of test, provide more suitable results to confidently accept or reject the structure as a whole or its component for future use.


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Civil Engineering,Structures, Construction, Geo technology, Water, Transportation