Modeling and Analysis of the Dynamic Performance of a Gird Connected Micro Hydro Power Plant Deploying Synchronous Generator

Waqas Ali, Haroon Farooq


This paper discusses the dynamic behavior of a Micro Hydro Power Plant (MHPP) deploying synchronous generator in grid connected operation. The investigation is carried out through dynamic modeling and simulation of the proposed system considering different operational conditions using MATLAB/Simulink. The results are evaluated to assess the dynamic performance of the proposed system from regulation standpoint considering various synchronous generator parameters such as terminal voltage, field voltage, rotor speed, stator current, speed deviation, input mechanical power, output electrical power and output frequency under transient and steady states at different loads. The study reveals that the system stability improves if the system is operated at full load because as the load increases, the time required by the generator parameters to reach the steady state decreases but the fault current increased. Furthermore, it is also concluded that the regulation times increase with the decrease in the power factor. Therefore, appropriate protection schemes, to cater for increased fault current at full load, and power factor compensation must be provided to ensure the system stability.

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