Rutting Based Evaluation of Asphalt Mixes

Kamran Muzaffar Khan, Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal


Pavement rutting is one of the most common and destructive pavement distresses being observed in flexible pavements, which is primarily due to axle loads that exceed legal limit and high ambient temperatures, and also poor mix design is one of the cause of rutting. The drastic increase in traffic volume during last few decades has resulted in premature pavement failures of almost the whole road structure in Pakistan. In this scenario it is the time to investigate this problem and propose appropriate solution. Physical properties of aggregates and bitumen were evaluated in the laboratory. Mechanical Properties of three mixes, i. e., Marshall, Superpave and Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) were evaluated by performing creep test, indirect tensile test and dynamic modulus in order to compare the performance of mixes under prevailing load and environmental conditions of Pakistan. The study revealed that Superpave mixes performed better than Marshall and SMA.

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