Role of Citizen Community Boards in Promoting Participatory Development in Muzaffargarh District, Pakistan


  • Sara Khan
  • Ghulam Abbas Anjum


Participatory development has been institutionalized in Pakistan with the view to achieve the benefits as accrued elsewhere in the world. Local Government Ordinance 2001 provides a framework for creation of Citizen Community Boards (CCBs) which may potentially promote development through active participation of communities at all tiers of the Local Government. This paper aims to highlight the functioni g and performance of CCBs in Pakistan with particular reference to Muzaffargarh District. It analyzes the formation process of CCBs and examines their projects. It also presents the association between participation of community in projects and its level of satisfaction. This paper identifies the impediments that hamper the functioning of CCBs which in turn slow down the development process. It is recommended that the potential of CCBs in the development process can be materialized by removing the hindering factors.


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