Potential Analysis of Kinetic Energy Harvesting System from National Highways of Pakistan

Tauseef Aized, Tehseen Ilahi, Asif Mahmood Qureshi, Amanat Ali Bhatti


Energy technology and management is one of the most challenging problems of today’s world. Continuous use of natural reservoir increases global warming and earth’s average temperature as world energy consumption will rise up to 50% by 2030. Currently, Pakistan has a short fall of approximately 4000 to 5000MW and the country urgently requires solution to ongoing energy problems, especially solutions which help to protect our environment. There are many techniques and approaches available to combat energy crisis; one relatively less explored approach is to exploit kinetic energy of vehicles on our road network. This paper presents an approach to exploiting kinetic energy of vehicles to generate useful energy. A model based on kinetic energy simulation is presented and discussed in this study; kinetic energy is extracted from speed breakers commonly found on our road network.

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