Engineering Characteristics of widely used Coarse Aggregates in Pakistan: A Comparative Study

Sabeer Abbas, Muhammad Junaid Munir, Syed Minhaj Saleem Kazmi, Anwar Khitab, Syed Zishan Ashiq, Muhammad Tausif Arshad


Pakistan has vast potential of concrete aggregates due to having numerous mountainous ranges. However, the properties of these aggregates are yet to be explored as scant research has been carried out in this area. In this study, an experimental approach was adopted to compare the engineering properties of widely used coarse aggregates in Pakistan. Aggregate samples were gathered from four various quarries in accordance with ASTM sampling procedure and their physical as well as mechanical properties were evaluated through laboratory testing according to ASTM and BS standards. Tests were performed on Margalla, Sargodha, Barnalla and Mangla crushes. Different concrete specimens were also prepared using the above mentioned aggregates and tested for their mechanical properties (compressive, tensile and flexural strengths). Test results revealed that the aggregates from evaluated quarries are suitable to be used in concrete. Each sample of aggregates have different characteristics which is very important keeping in view the type of construction, economy and its environment. It was observed that Margalla aggregates resulted in better concrete mechanical properties, while Sargodha aggregates showed improved physical characteristics.

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